Engineering Lead

Australia - Melbourne

Be part of the founding team building a World-first platform to help businesses adopt new ways to communicate.

  • Work directly with the founders as part of the core foundational crew
  • Spearhead the development of a greenfield data-driven platform
  • Get your hands dirty with Machine Learning / AI focussed technologies

Mission in the cloud

Operata's mission is to help businesses adopt new ways to communicate.

It's about better connection.

They are doing so by building the world's first operations management platform for cloud communications.

What's Operata's story?

'Software is eating the world communications'

  • Operata after Marc Andressen

The flexibility and agility of cloud communications are helping business achieve new levels of capability, scalability and efficiency. But alongside these opportunities, new challenges have emerged. Powering these API driven services has introduced operational drivers and risks; controlling costs, analysing performance, managing new SLAs and complex vendor ecosystems, data management and compliance obligations.

The Operata team has experienced this first-hand themselves - as Engineers, Service Managers and Ops Execs building, deploying and managing enterprise communications at scale. The unmet needs conspire against DevOps shops from adopting cloud communications at scale or impede the company's ability to realise the full benefits. It dawned upon them that specialist tools are needed to bridge these gaps, so Operata was founded to create them.

Meet the founders

John Mitchem - 13+ years experience as an engineer, technical and service management lead for global voice, video and collaboration platforms for enterprise companies (Telstra, Coles, Optus, ANZ)

Romilly Blackburn - 15+ years board experience, capital raising and C-Level product and marketing roles. Founder of 4 companies that have generated $70M+ in sales.

What's your role?

Operata is looking for a founding Technical Lead to establish the architecture and develop the core platform for their (funded) SaaS startup.

You will be working directly with the Founders to realise a shared product vision. You have the keys to the engineering kingdom, acting as the key platform architect and cornerstone developer pivotal in shaping their expanding development team.

The Operata platform is a cloud-based data centric platform, heavy on analytics and actionable insights. The key traits they're looking for are:

  • Experience and interest in cloud data management (big data)
  • Demonstrated experience in solution architecture and full-stack development
  • End-to-end ownership and demonstrated success in delivering greenfield projects
  • Appreciation for close communication and collaboration with clients and stakeholders to constantly evolve the product
  • Decision maker on choice of tooling, architectural and design models, advocate for engineering best practices
  • Experience in constructing products that are intuitive and that people love to use.

Technical expertise:

  • Python (however they're tech agnostic and open to exploring other technologies if you can come up with a compelling argument)
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence focussed technologies
  • Big data processing and data management techniques
  • RESTful APIs and API management tools
  • Expertise in backend architecture, systems and databases
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery, DevOps and Automation

Operata values

Better connection is something Operata lives - it means personal relationships with their people: customers, partners and the Operata team.

  • Execute the why: Grow with purpose.
  • Play the long game: Build respect, value relationships.
  • Progress over perfection: Act and iterate.
  • Be fearless: Be empowered to innovate without fear.
  • We're customers too: We solve the problems we have.
  • Impress yourself: Do it because you think it is valuable.
  • Leave it better than we found it: Use our knowledge to do some good.
  • Be thoughtful: Think first, empathise, consider our impact.

This role has been archived.

We are no longer looking for candidates to fill this position. For similar opportunities, please visit our jobs board or feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.