Office Manager

USA - San Francisco

Are you an Office Manager who can juggle chainsaws while simultaneously managing 3 projects and planning the best holiday party of all time?

Are you feeling under-valued or micro-managed (or both) for your troubles? Then you should come talk to us.

We are a boutique but global consulting company in the talent space (i.e. we help high-tech startups hire great people). Not to brag, but we're really good at what we do - connecting brilliant people with some of the most exciting companies in the world. And we're even better when we have someone taking care of the office/operational/HR/finance details for us, which is why we're now looking to add a great Office Manager to our team.

To say this is a key role for our business would be an understatement. A great Office Manager makes every single person's job easier and makes us better as a company. In this role, you will do everything from managing every aspect of our physical office to managing our internal systems to assisting with onboarding new consultants to planning and executing monthly company events to assisting with finance to assisting with, and sometimes managing, key internal projects. Oh yeah, and you'll be every employee's go-to when they need anything. How's that for impact?

You are most likely in an Office Manager or Exec Assistant role now but it's also possible that you've got project management or recruitment/sales coordination experience. Or maybe you're doing something completely different but realize that your talents are pointing you toward an OM role. Regardless, you are certainly well organized, detail oriented, flexible and autonomous. All it takes is a scrap of information for you to jump in and start planning an event or organizing a project, but you are also not afraid to put your hand up and ask for more info or help if needed.

This role has been archived.

We are no longer looking for candidates to fill this position. For similar opportunities, please visit our jobs board or feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.