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Sales Recruitment Consultant - MitchelLake

The recruitment world is a funny place. The simple-minded among us like to divide it squarely into two camps - on-site and agency. Often those simple-minded folks like to distil that down even more so that all you're left with is gate-keeping paper pushers on the inside and used car salesmen on the outside. And never the twain shall meet.

At MitchelLake, we see and do things a bit differently. You see we're focused firmly on helping startups build world class teams. And we've found that to be successful in startup land, you need flexibility and creativity and most of all innovation. So we neither keep gates nor push used cars. Instead, we build exclusive recruitment partnerships with our clients enabling us to connect brilliant people with some of the most exciting companies in the world.

We are now looking for a recruitment consultant to join our San Francisco embedded recruitment business. This is a true consulting role, and we have clients across the entire Bay area, including South, East, Penninsula, and SF. You will be onsite with one client at a time, crafting customized recruitment solutions to fit their individual needs while working closely with hiring managers to bring in the best talent. You'll own the hiring process and will likely do everything from job creation to offer negotiation while immersing yourself in some very cool businesses such as CloudPassage, FundBox, Wikia, 99designs, and PopSugar.

Here are some of the key qualifications, knowledge, and attributes that we are looking for:


  • College Degree
  • 2 years or more of full lifecycle recruiting experience
  • Broad experience in terms of roles recruited for
  • Experience reporting on a set of recruiting metrics
  • Experience with competency based/behavioral interviewing techniques
  • Experience writing job advertisements
  • Experience presenting and negotiating offers
  • Experience with any kind of ATS or CRM
  • Experience recruiting for sales organization from entry to executive level
  • Experience recruiting for early stage tech companies preferred, but not required

Knowledge/Skills (including technology)

  • Understanding of entire recruitment process from job creation to offer stage
  • Excellent communication skills - both verbal and written
  • Strong knowledge of various types of players in Sales organizations in the startup or tech world
  • Strong network of sales people in the bay area
  • Strong negotiation/closing skills
  • Understanding of recruitment metrics and the ability to show value using those metrics

Gate-keepers and used car salesmen need not apply. Our ideal candidate is someone with real sales recruitment experience and a very consultative nature. Perhaps you're at an agency now, and while you love connecting people, you're finding the hard core sales aspect just isn't you. Or maybe you've been doing some in-house work, but you're leery of being sucked into an HR role. Whatever the case, you've got a good grasp of the startup landscape in Silicon Valley, you know how to hire, and you love bringing great people together.

MitchelLake's complete managed recruitment solution provides a consistent, repeatable, scalable recruiting model to venture-backed startups enabling them to focus on their core business while hiring great people. We're based in San Francisco, but also have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore.

This role has been archived.

We are no longer looking for candidates to fill this position. For similar opportunities, please visit our jobs board or feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.